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African Woman Teaches European Artist How to Carry Heavy Loads on Her Head


The video performance is the result of the moment when I hired a banana seller in Uganda to teach me how to carry burdens on my head. It is part of a block of similar works in which I explore the problematics of global capitalism and the information era and environmental and social sustainability issues.

The current circumstances leave each of us in uncertainty within a world in which the basic features of life in community and the capacity for dialogue are endangered due to a fragile state of relations, not to say the loss of ideal categories such as happiness, equality and freedom.

By comparing the African womans professional activity to mine, I bring about questions of labour conditions, wealth distribution and opportunities. In adding a sense of transformation by the act of teaching and learning as another example of exchange and dialogue it can lead us to a better understanding of our realities and a fairer management of our resources.


Ana Fradique
Ana Fradique


1984, Portugali