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Helsinki Eye

At the day time, the shadow generated from the organic pattern indicates the orbit of the sun and time. The glass is more reflective, which can reflect dynamic images of the daytime.

‘Helsinki Eye’ is a pavilion project in Helsinki, offering a variety of experiences and atmospheres, depending on the time of the day. The eye shape and the shadows with unique patterns attract people, while the pavilion structure splits the scenery into separate scenes, and the glass walls reflect the surroundings and create collage effects with diverse images. Through ‘Helsinki Eye’, people can get new perspectives and memories in terms of place and time.

The purpose of the project is to create a new way of thinking about the city. The pavilion acts as a medium for building the identity of city dwellers: it will renew both the city’s environment and peoples’ mindset. With a new way of perceiving their surroundings, city dwellers will find unexpected aspects of Helsinki and use their imagination in new diverse ways. In the future, city dwellers could build the next development through their enhanced perceptions of the city.


At the night time, the artificial light inside the pavilion
illuminates area and produce soft atmosphere.
The glass is more transparent, which can illustrate the
static images of the nighttime.

Sujeong Han
Sujeong Han


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