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Lilliput is a little man who lives in a room built into a wooden box.  When he wakes up in his bed he is surprised to find out he is under surveillance. The spectator has a possibility to watch Lilliput through the peepholes on top of the box. The installation is viewed by one person at a time. It is inspired by Edison Kinetoscope and other early motion picture devices. The installation consists of a wooden box with peepholes on top and a digital display inside. Stereoscopic 3D animation is played on the display. Sound design of the animation is made by Jari Suominen.

The installation is made in co-operation with Animation Crank Handle association.


Reettakaisa Neittaanmäki
Reettakaisa Neittaanmäki

Uusi Media

1974, Suomi

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